- Creation Date - Content Date

I am an end user who occasionally has to look at system issues. I have recently installed a piece of software on our linux cluster which uses the rlm licensing tool. The newly installed software only ran on the Master and some of the slave nodes. Got a little help from the RLM folks and it seems that they check the last access dates of every file in /etc looking for future files. This (to them) indicates clock roll back, which invalidates the license.

Sure enough on four of the slave nodes the file had a future last access date (2019 in one case). I can touch these files and fix the problem but…

The content of the file has dates which match the last access. Does anything use the TIME=“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” part of that file? Any thoughts on whether simply touching the file itself to change the access date to one older than that of the internal data would cause a problem???

Thanks in advance

  • Andy R