Blinking cursor on Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone, Recently I’ve tried to reinstall openSUSE on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ after trying other OS’s and deciding that I will stay on openSUSE but for I’ve faced a issue that I never had before with openSUSE which is every time I try to boot after I get the “Loading Kernel” and “Loading initial ramdisk” my raspberry pi goes to a screen only with a blinking cursor and after a while it turns off, I’ve remade the SD Card a couple of times using both Balena Etcher, Raspberry Pi Imager and DD command and nothing seems to work and I don’t really know if I’m missing something or I did something wrong. I appreciate any help that anyone can give :smile:


Can you ssh into the system? Else do you have a serial console cable to connect that way, I use a PL2303 Serial Port / Mobile Action MA-8910P and minicom.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, Yes I can SSH into the system.
If I have the ability to SSH and the raspberry pi is working I might just roll with it since I plan to always access the server through SSH but having the screen functioning is always nice in case I can’t SSH for some reason.

That’s why console access via USB from a machine is an added bonus :wink: All my RPi3’s are just ssh…

Well I guess I can say that my problem is solved :cool:

Thanks o/