Blew up my video; How to re-run/-configure to original?

I had a working system with an Nvidia card and the OSS drivers – straight-outta-the box-13.1 install. I then tried to add an ATI card to the mix. When i installed the ATI drivers, they apparently replaced the Nvidia stuff, which was still my primary monitor, and i couldn’t do anything after reboot. It was stuck on the default opensuse wallpaper with nothing showing up. I uninstalled the ati stuff, but the original KDE environment didn’t return. I restored my xorg.conf file from backups, but that apparently wasn’t the missing magic.

Is it possible to run a few zipper commands to re-config things the way they are after the initial install? Back when everything was glorious. Or am I stuck with re-installing the whole thing?


It is ill advised to mix card vendors

If you want more GPU power add another NVIDIA card not an ATI

Check and see if you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. If so rename it

Better to have none. You may also have installed the ATI drivers, did you??? If so uninstall it

Install the NVIDA driver from the NVIDIA repo in Yast