Blender package is incomplete

Wow! I don’t know how I overlooked this… Blender obviously uses it’s own x264 lib. Doesn’t matter if you have them installed or not. So yeah… asking the devs would the best choice.

No - it’s o.k.

I build since approx. 1 year now and never had a complaint about it. Also used my own builds on a INTEL CPU and its just as fine/and fast there.

Caution though with the SSE3 build. It has quite some strong optimiztion - which makes it fast of course - but some blender users had problems with certain heavy render output. This might be related to the -O3 and/or -fastmath optimization. Therefore I included the Athlon-xp with only SSE and the -O2 optimization (still as fast as a SSE2 or SSE3 build with the same -O2 flag!)

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Hey Aaron, you still reading this? There’s a way to make the stand alone Blender from work. You just have to install Python 2.5. It’s not a standard installation, but I eventually got to the bottom of it…

zypper install make gcc readline-devel

(This is the reason you need readline-devel installed.)

Download Python 2.5

# as normal user
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared
make altinstall

Download Blender


I’m back after turning to YellowDog 6.1, Fedora 10, and returning temporarily to Mac OS X…phew. Let me say that openSUSE 11.1 is far more advanced than either of the other Linux Distrobutions and at least 1.5 to 2 times faster than OS X.

I am downloading Python 2.5.4 and will try to compile Blender. Thanks for the update!

I’ll keep you posted.

The compiler cannot find the Python.h library.

How do I set a path in the configure process?

First of all, thanks to Andrea Florio, we now have a complete Blender in the Packman repository (repo_3). So you could install it from there, or if you already have it installed, just upgrade it to version

The compiler cannot find the Python.h library.

Post the error, including the command you’re running.

Thanks, again clashcityrocker. If there is a complete version available through Packman (Andrea rules!)…then I will try that version and stop chasing the compiler’s tail.

My hopes are two fold:

To have the complete Blender version for game development.


To try and fix the strange problems I am having in Blender with the overall interface colors…the entire program interface is mixture of “moose-poop green” and “cerulian blue.”

No response yet from the Blender Forum…MUST SEARCH HARDER!

Could be the “radeon” opensource drivers but I don’t have any factory alternative (everything is packaged for OS X).

Thanks again for all of your help!:wink:

Just wanted to post that the color problem was “solved” by switching the display settings to 16bit color rather than 24bit.:expressionless: