blender has no menu and icons

Hi there,
I just downloaded “blender” directly from OpenSUSE Tumbleweed repo with yast, but for some reason there is no menu neither icons find all around this application.
Does anyone know what is problem with packages and how can I make it works?


Confirmed, I see the same here after installing blender. Report a bug a, product Tumbleweed, against blender.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I did report bug for blender.


According to:

This was fixed almost 2 months ago, but I’m still seeing the following like:

No menus and not usable. Did the fix fail to come through, or has it broken again?

I installed:

and forced it due to a presumably harmless blender-lang mismatch of 2.79b vs 2.79b+git*
Now blender works. I guess the fix from 3 weeks ago didn’t make it into Factory into released Tumbleweed.

The download version from blender site in my opinion is better to use.
Download, unpack and use it, that’s how easy it is to use.
It runs very stable in opensuse.

So according to the latest replies in the bug report, Blender in TW actually requires Python3-3.8, but all I see in TW is Python3-3.7, that’s a mystery to me. So installing blender-git from the bug report is the way to go, until someone explains the mismatch.

Looks like Python 3.8 just went into Alpha (not ready for stable distribution) only a few weeks ago,
If any bug reports you’re looking at don’t mention your discovery about the Python 3.8 requirement, you should add that or create a new, separate bug. Natch, if you create a bug and it’s addressed, you can eventually install a package which will be managed instead of having to update on your own.


Ugh, there’s a stale version of blender in packman. We’re all good.

That indeed is the problem. The TW version is fine, but when doing a ‘zypper dup --from packman’, like every packman user does, it results in a non-OK blender.

The offending blender packages were removed from Packman.