Bleach icons - Gnome 3 (fresh Installed from Live CD)


I was thinking if somebody else is experiencing the same thing as me regarding the icons in the “Applications” accessed from Dashboard (super-key)->Applications.

The Icons are like, “Bleached”. The more strange thing is that the bleach appearance is only shown if the search box is left empty. If I for instance starts to write something, that sorts out icons matched by my input, or, when I pick any of the application subcategories. Then the Icons looks ok.
Note, that this does not relate to ALL icons - only some of them. For instance - you can see a bunch of “Libre office icons” at the bottom. Those are ok! The difference is that i installed the suite after the Gnome 3 Live disk. Maybe one can trigger to “update” the install/remove tool to re-install the icons?

I wonder if this is “just me” or if anybody else is experiencing the same thing?

Here is a screenshot describing my issues:
(This box has 12 GB of RAM, there has to be sufficient to cache all icons. :wink: )

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Try to change your theme.

Nah, not the theme. You probably need a driver for your videocard. I see the same thing running the LiveCD which uses the nouveau driver. I don’t see it on my laptop where the NVIDIA driver is installed. What is the videocard in your system?

Second check your driver as Mr Knurpht said.

I was just going to inform everybody this sorted out my Issue. With the proprietary driver I have OK looking icons. However I had some issues installing the driver. :slight_smile: I followed this guide which worked just fine: [post # 9 in this thread)
Nvidia GeForce 9600GT
Only difference I had in relation to this guide was that i had one error in the first attempt of the installation which the installer disabled the nouveau driver. Once restarted into runlevel 3 again I could follow the complete installation with a successful result. (I had some previous issues before.)

Now… One question - should I be aware of some upcomming issues If I install a new version of the kernel in the future guessing there is something you need to do to integrate the driver or similarily? (I as described in the guide downloaded NVIDIA.*.run from the web page (e.g didn’t install it from repository using zypper)

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