Blank white screen after updating to openSUSE-release 20180209-1.2

After updating to openSUSE-release 20180209-1.2 (also via zypper dup), X does not start up anymore; I get a mouse cursor in front of an empty white screen. I have to roll back to get a graphic screen again.

Driver: amdgpu (both dc=0 and dc=1).

Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX480, HDMI to monitor.

The reason is explained here:

You need to delete:


Someone else here also using amdgpu Fdriver had a similar problem a few days ago. There was an error message that referred to KFD. I am sorry but I cannot remember any more detail, you should be able to find it if you search the threads.

There has also been a recent mention on the Phoronix forum. I think that it mentioned aa AMDKFD module that would not make it into the kernel until 4.16.

I COULD ALSO BE TOTALLY WRONG. [edit] – and it seems that I am!

OK, going to try with cleaning /var/lib/sddm/.cache.

I had that issue some days ago, but there is sufficed to clean ~/.cache. In this case - the reason for my posting - it happened before the login screen was shown, so an involvement of a directory in the user tree is not likely.

[Edit: Yes, confirmed, [b]it’s working again. Thanks!]