blank screen.

hi i just got the box version 11.2 Thursday.and i,m having trouble with gnome desk top. i installed gnome desk top and every thing works in till after i log in. then every thing goes to a white blank screen. i,m not sure if it is the graphic’s card or the monitor?? i’m new to this happening. i,m great full for any help. some of my desk top computer spec’s amdx2-64, 500g hard drive, i hope i’m in the right place for this poast.:frowning:

What video card do you have?

i have nvidia,model geforce6100 nforce 430.i’m still not sure what is cosing this blank screen… every thing work’s up to the point of log in. after that still a blank white screen>:)

Add the Nvidia repository (see the zypper howto) Zypper/Usage/11.2 - openSUSE Use this link Additional package repositories - openSUSE to help with finding the Nvidia repository. Also check your GNOME installation. It might help to install another Desktop Environment, like KDE. Also check your logs in /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Since you have a white screen, X is up and running. I don’t suspect the video card. But it never hurts to check. What you describe is what happens after you log in. So you have GDM, which requires X to be up and operational, but when you go to log in to GNOME, when GNOME tries to load, it then goes white. This makes me think it’s more of a GNOME issue.

hi should i try to use vm to get the gnome respiratory?? or should i try to use KDE ? i have used open suse for the last 4 yrs.with gnome as my desk top. so i have no clue of ware to start with there some one out there that can give me some direction to the how to"s on KDE? like a secure log in ,the file sys.ect?? any help would be appreciated.:\

hi i was watching the in stall of gnome and i notesed that the imaged file’s as they were beeing in stalled. and it went 1,2,4. is this normal for an in stall?? thanx

Let us back up. Did you check the media before the install a bad download or burn can cause all sorts of strange problems.

Select media check on the install menu. Also would not hurt to run a memory check.

hi i have done both and it check out ok. i have been able to get the kde desk top and the xfce desk top to install. so i have no idea of what could be wrong? i guess i have to go with another desk top? thank"s for the help.:frowning: