blank screen on new install of Nvida 970 video card

I am sure this question comes up all the time. Bought a new Nvidia 970 video card. Upon routine install, I get a blank screen. Obviously, the appropriate driver is not install. The previous card is an Nvidia 770. The nouveau driver is installed. The actual Nvidia repo is not installed. I have never played with the GRUB, willing to try. I have the following repos installed. Thanks for everything!

tumbleweed@linux-1mpp:~> zypper repos

| Alias | Name

| Enabled | GPG Check | Refresh
1 | | Main Repository (NON-OSS)
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
2 | | Main Repository (Sources)
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
3 | | Main Repository (OSS)
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
4 | | Main Update Repository
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
5 | google | google
| Yes | (r ) Yes | No
6 | google-chrome | google-chrome
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
7 | | home:X0F
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
8 | | Packman Repository
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
9 | | libdvdcss repository
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
10 | openSUSE-20160417-0 | openSUSE-20160417-0
| No | ---- | Yes
11 | openSUSE_Factory | openSUSE_Factory
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
12 | openSUSE_Factory_standard | openSUSE_Factory_standard
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
13 | openSUSE_Tumbleweed | openSUSE_Tumbleweed
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
14 | openSUSE_Tumbleweed_1 | openSUSE_Tumbleweed
| Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
15 | repo-debug | openSUSE-Tumbleweed-Debug
| No | ---- | Yes

Experimented with LeAP 42.1. Did a completely new install of leap 42.1. Nouveau drivers recognized the card. Installed nvidia driver by “sudo zypper inr.” Did a complete new install of Tumbleweed. No display whatsoever. Is there a recommended method of getting command prompt when Tumbleweed or Leap is booting up to insert “sudo zypper inr” as an example? Incidentally, Kubuntu recognized new card immediately.

Ok an upgrade does not bring the NVIDA driver over. There is no NVIDIA repo for TW since it changes so often and uses cutting edge kernels. You have to use the hard way to install and maintain the NVIDIA driver

Thanks for the info. How then do I install the hard way. I have seen that on the wiki pages. When I boot up, I get the splash page that allows me to choose TW, or snapshots, etc. Previous snapshots boot into a black screen. How then do I install the hard way if I don’t have a screen or command prompt to work in? Thanks for all your help. Don’t mean to be a bother.

You need to get the files direct from NVIDIA there are instruction on their site. You can boot to terminal mode. At boot press e find line starting linux or linixefi go to true end (it wraps) add a space and 3 press F10 to continue boot this should get you to terminal mode

Thank you. Didn’t know to boot into terminal at startup. Changed to the displayport onboard graphics to see if I could get in. I could. Does it make a different on new cards (nvidia or AMD) to changes rendering to OpenGL 3.1 at compositor? Or change interface to EGL? I am truly impressed with the hardwork and dedication of all the forum techs!!! Learn something new everyday!

Which desktop??

Did you install the NVIDIA driver and successfully boot to a desktop?

OpenGL 3.1 is generally used I don’t know of any advantage of EGL or even where to modify since I have a bit older card and only have openGL and Xrender options in KDE and don’t run TW

Here’s the link to your Nvidia driver for you graphics card:

How to install:

  1. Boot to your console prompt from the Grub2 menu by pressing the **“e” **
    key (for edit) and look for the line that begins with “linux” and ends with “showopts” and add **3 at the end of line. Log in as root. Use su- **for root. 1. Type:
echo "blacklist nouveau" >> /etc/modprobe.d/ && mkinitrd && reboot
  1. When the the computer reboots, repeat step 1. process of booting to runlevel 3 or init 3
  2. Now you install your driver by typing:
sh /home/username/NVIDIA*run
  1. Press enter to install your driver.
  2. When finished type:
mkinitrd && reboot
  1. Now you’ll boot to your graphical desktop.

Keep your setting at OpenGL 3.1 and OpenGL interface at GLX as your Nvidia card driver uses GLX.

Good Luck!!

great info. let me try. thanks so much. learn something new everyday!!!