Blank Screen After Re-Boot

Have not booted Leap for a while. Installed via zypper the YAST2-FTP server and EXFat formatting utility. Went to reboot and I get initial selection of boot options. I select OpenSuse Leap 42.3 default… Screen goes black. Does not come back. Nothing on the keyboard wakes up the screen.

Rebooting into recovery mode does not work either. This is not a hardware problem because I get the first selection screen.

Any thoughts on what might be happening. Is there a way to get a terminal window up so I can uninstall the two products?

UPDATE: I rebooted, got to same blank (black) screen. I tried a Fn+F7 and the desktop appeared.

When I select OpenSuse Leap default to boot up, there are some messages in very fine print that are written to the screen. Are these messages captured anywhere? What is the path name? I would like to review these messages to determine root cause.

journalctl -b

should display all messages from the current boot. If you edit the kernel cmdline at the grub screen to remove

splash=silent quiet

you should see most messages as they scroll, though probably too fast to absorb. It also might help to append



Neither of those two packages you just installed should have any impact on boot screen behavior. More likely PackageKit did updates under the covers that changed something for the worse. You can examine /var/log/zypp/history to see what was recently upgraded. Also check the dates of /boot/initrd*. You may be able to boot an older kernel and not have the black screen problem.

What is output from

zypper in inxi # (not installed by default)
inxi -G -c0

You may be a victim of an incompatible drm-kmp-default package that seems to be common lately, in which case uninstalling it should be the solution.