Blank Screen after install/start up

After I install SUSE I reboot and click on Desktop it then goes to a loading screen. After that it scrolls a lot of info then the screen goes blank. I have no idea why and I have tried it on 3 different computers with the same problem. Am i missing a step or doing something wrong? Any help would be great! Thanks

Did you run the media check on the install disk. It is in the first menu.

What video card?

Did you try failsafe boot?

I wrote a guide here to help with configuring graphic cards, in case this is a graphical issue: SDB:Configuring graphics cards - openSUSE

… I assume that you conducted the standard md5sum checks, burned to +R/-R at slowest speed burn allows to high quality CD/DVD media, conducted mediacheck successfully, etc etc …

Anyway, if you look at the guide I linked, you will likely come to read that many users find the boot code ‘nomodeset’ or selecting FailSafe (or boot code ‘x11failsafe’) will work for them.

Answering the questions that gogalthorp asked would be VERY helpful in order for us to help you.

Thanks for the help. Fixed the issue, My video card was not working properly. I replaced it with another I had lying around and now it works perfect.

Thanks again!