Blank Screen after booting Live-CD

Hey, I have recently wanted to try openSUSE so I decided to wait for 11.0 to come out. Well I downloaded the KDE 4.0 Live-CD and checked the MD5sum (which matched) and tryed to boot into it. When it starts up and I can see the boot loading screen after I choosing the option I want but it goes to terminal where I can see a screen of writing of things that are being mounted and started with the last thing about X (the display driver). after that it switches to a black screen with nothing but

(none):/# _

in the top left corner and then it won’t go anyfurther and nothing else shows up (tried leaving it going for an hour or so). I do have an Nvidia card and the Ubuntu Live CD wouldn’t work either so could that be the problem? Is there anyway I can fix it or install openSUSE? (maybe using the intel onboard graphics for install then reconfiguring the display driver?)

anyways thanks for the help and I really hope I can get openSUSE 11.0 working on my machine, it looks and sounds awesome.

I’m having the same problem as the person above, maybe it’s something with NVIDIA cards? I have a Gefore FX 5200, failsafe booting, and trying to boot in text only mode dont work.

Ya I think I have the same video card and ya Failsfe and text aswell as VESA modes don’t work. Anyone got any ideas?

I’m having the same problem with this setup:
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinun
AMD Athlon64 3200+

Any ideas?