Blank/Previously burned disk not available (openSUSE 11.3)

I’m having trouble burning an iso image to DVD. The drive (/dev/sr0) is an
“HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GA11N”. For some reason it refuses to see a blank DVD in
the drive. Tried to find help in the help menu (F1) but that was hopeless.

Here are images showing the steps in k3b: Unknown Paste ID: BmTeTPCd (k3b-disk-error1) shows formatting not needed Unknown Paste ID: UABSLOWf (keb-disk-error2) shows disk available
file:///Common/Documents/k3b-error3.png - K3b-disk-error3 (k3b-disk-error3) shows request for blank disk

Here is the cli command I used to attempt to directly burn the iso which also
didn’t work:

root@laptop= /downloads # dd of=/dev/sr0 if=./openSUSE-DVD-
dd: opening `/dev/sr0': Read-only file system

Is this likely a hardware problem? When the disk is inserted the actions popup
appears and k3b sees a previously burned disk but apparently doesn’t see a
blank disk.

I’ve read the recent threads about k3b but didn’t see the same problem. This is using
Philips DVD-RW disks (pre-formatted) which worked in previous version of OS (11.2).

Thanks, Tom

K3B has an option to force erasing a disk, try that and see what happens.

On 01/29/2011 08:36 AM, tommyttt wrote:

> Is this likely a hardware problem?

maybe, maybe not…google around and you will find lots of folks
disappointed in how really quickly consumer grade burners get out of
alignment (or whatever) and won’t work, or won’t work consistently well…

i read somewhere that some folks make it a practice to use their
burner only for burning, and never for reading, playing movies,
music etc because it seems to more quickly ruin the ability to burn…

i have a good reader which USED to be a good burner…if i buy a new
burner i wall always use the now reader only device to read things
like music, movies, pdf on disks etc etc…

i guess you already know this:

  • not all blank disks are the same format

  • not all burners can use all blank disk formats

  • not all disks are the same high (?) quality…some may work on one
    burner and not another, some may not work on any burner

  • there are very few actual disk makers which are sold under many
    brand names…

  • the net has sites dedicated to helping you find quality disks and
    burners…(but be careful, check around on more than one site)

good luck…

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