Blank DVDs not mounting after update

I’ve been running opensuse since 9.x without issue as far as hardware is concerned. I just upgraded from 11.0 RC1 to 11.0 Final and after having to fix SEVERAL things that got toasted…I decided to just d/l the DVD and do a clean install. However, since the update, blank media is not recognized. It was working fine in 11.0 RC1 and all previous versions.

Is there a quick fix for this?

I may have found the problem…

I re-installed 10.3 and got the same results. After further investigation (and re-installing 11.0GM) it appears that my dvd burner no longer likes DVD-R blank discs. If the disc has already been burnt (i.e. has something on it) it will read it. It will see DVD+R blanks and CDR blanks without issue. It also plays DVDs and CDs just fine. I did try multiple brands of DVD-Rs and got the same result…

So, it would appear that my drive is failing… :smiley:

Because all the complains I try K3B with a blank CD and Blank DVD it was possible to write
to the CD and DVD.
So maybe it had something to do with the installation or the hardware,My DVD reader/Writer is a SATA drive and configure in my BIOS as the first boot able device.
Maybe this information will help others