Blank Display After Boot

Hi all,

I just recently installed Tumbleweed and everything was working fine. Did some updates and shutdown my computer. Now when I turn it on, I select OpenSuSE from the GRUB menu and it starts loading, but right after that my display goes blank and my monitor flashed up with a “No Input” message (the kind of message you get when the PC is powered off but the display is turned on). I’ve tried waiting up to an hour to see if anything happens but it doesn’t and I have to power off my desktop.

I luckily I have a dual-boot with Windows 10 so I can continue using my desktop for the moment, but I would dearly like to get OpenSuSE working again. Any ideas other than a full reinstall?

EDIT: Other than the updates, I was also following some tips online about how to fix screen tearing on OpenSuSE - I cannot find the post I reading (it was on these forums though), but I think I changed display from XRender to OpenGL and there was one other option that I changed on that same menu.

there was an issue with the latest updates on tumbleweed, and there’s a fix for that, but can you access the terminal in your linux installation (ctrl+alt+F1) - it wasn’t clear in your post if you can.