Blank Desktop after install

New installation on clean hard drive.
Install went fine, I get the menu bar at bottom of screen. OS seems to be working fien, I can install andrun apps, I just don’t seem to be able to display contents of my desktop.

Desktop itself is blank, no openSUSE icon, and when I click right mouse button I do not get a quick menu (Terminal etc.) Is there something that needs to be configured the I missed ?

Is this kde3 or kde4?

Pretty sure it’s based on Gnome, I just downloaded the liveCD yesterday, version 11.0.

try a failsafe boot it may reveal some errors.

Problem resolved.

I had run through the desktop configuration menus and selected my preferences.

I didn’t realize that you have to reboot for the settings to take effect.

Works 100% now !

Great. Mostly all that is requires is restart the desktop Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
Re-boots are seldom required.

Enjoy Suse, and come back for help if you need it, we try to do our best.