Blank CDROM, DVDs no longer recognised

Hi guys,

11.2, KDE4, GNU/Linux, latest updates

Weird, but suddenly just recently my system stopped ‘seeing’ any blank media. I have burned all sorts till now without problems, from K3B, Lemonrip, Handbrake, growisoft on the CLI, etc. Some errant update, perhaps?

I have done some digging … added my user to cdrom, added an entry in fstab (K3B didn’t like it so I deleted it), wodim -scanbus tell me I have '1,0,0 100) 'Optiarc ’ ‘BD ROM BC-5500S ’ ‘1.03’ Removable CD-ROM’ …

It can, however, read written Cds and DVDs without problems. Has anyone got any ideas?


On my 11.2 system I have a similar problem where I put a blank CD in and get no response from the Device Notifier.

But I can still burn data or CDs (whatever) using my burning software which finds the blank CD when it needs it.

So even though it’s a flaw that my computer doesn’t have a chat with me when I put a blank CD in, it doesn’t matter in terms of getting the burning started from K3B (I use K3B).

Do you really need your computer to chat with you when you put a blank CD in?

Hmm puzzling, still works here, notifier pops up for both blank and recorded media. Standard 11.2 system, no factory versions of KDE4. Does the medium change state in k3b if it’s already running when you insert the blank CD? If so, then it’s more likely to be a device notifier issue rather than udev not sending out events.