Bland Grub loading/Customizng Grub Help

Hey I just had a question about the GRUB.

When I turn on my computer, with Windows 7 beta, Windows Vista, and Opensuse 11.1 installed, black and white text appears to run code, with green "done"s appearing. This screen is normal I know, but on my previous computer, the screen had the same text only it looked better. The screen is higher resolution and there is a carbon-like background. On this one, there is a solid black background with low resolution. At the beginning of it before it starts, I get a message saying that “video mode not recognized” or something along that line, asking me to “press spacebar to continue with the default or enter to choose a video mode (theres like 6 and they all come out the same) and it says or wait 30 seconds to continue”.

This isn’t a BIG problem, but I would like to fix it, and would appreciate any help in doing so.

Thanks in advance,

Do you have an external USB hard drive connected and powered on?

If so this is a bug, power off the device and the pretty screen should come back.

Haha man thank you so much! It worked perfectly! :slight_smile: now I can enjoy watching my computer boot up.

It was actually two flash drives that I had left in that I was using for extra ram cache in Windows 7, so I guess flash drives count too

I guess that would be part of it too. It has to do with devices on the USB bus.

Your Welcome!