blacklist file replacement...

I messed up and only put in one ‘>’ symbol for the nouveau blacklist when I was trying to setup my nVidia card. Consequently, my 50-blacklist.conf file only has one line in it. I copied over the one from 11.3, but it doesn’t seem to be right. Can anyone tell me where I can get another copy without re-loading the system?? I have looked all over and can not find one.


That file is part of the sysconfig package (along with various udev rules and network config files). You could reinstate the original file with

zypper in --force sysconfig

sysconfig contains the file;

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Thanks to the two members that responded to my call… however, AFTER being shown where to find the file by both, I corrected it a different way. I just renamed the current one and then went into Yast and requested it to Update sysconfig. This it did -AND- when I compared the newly re-installed 50-blacklist.conf file with the one from openSuSE 11.3 … they were identical. So, even though I messed up, that was not my problem. And what was/is my problem?? I finally got the driver to compile and load. -But- when I re-booted the system did not come up properly. I got the initial ‘Lizard’ with the progress bar and then my Logon Screen. After selecting myself and clicking Logon I got the next ‘Lizard’ screen and progress bar. The bar got to about 3/4 of the way and stopped. The screen with the Gecko showing and uncompleted progress bar were evidently considered to be my desktop. It never went any further -but- I got the Logon Tune!! Tried all kinds of key combinations and nothing. Finally had to Power Off Reset. I “undid” the blacklisting of nouveau, reset NO_KMS_IN_INITRD to “no” in /etc/sysconfig/kernel, performed mkinitrd, uninstalled NVIDIA and took out the nomodeset in Grub. After that I could re-boot and get into 11.4 RC2 again. I will keep trying on the nVidia and reply for anyone that cares.

Once again, thanks to the two members that steered me on the right path,

Ok, the promised update. Got it to work with plus making all the other changes.


Good result Chuck! :slight_smile: