Blacked out Windows

I have just installed NVIDIA 270.41.06 on my machine, running 11.4, KDE 4.6.2, kernel desktop 86x64

Video Card GeForce 6150SE

One application displays normally, but if I open another the screen apart from the top bar is black. If I reduce the application display size to about half screen the contents will appear as normal. Start expanding the application again it blacks out.

Close all applications and again, the first opened will be as normal, the second will have a blacked out main screen (just the title bar visible) until it is reduced to about half.

Any ideas gratefully received.

John F.

It appears to be a compositing issue. Suspending Desktop effects “solves” the problem.

Is the 270.41.06 the correct driver ? When I look here: NVIDIA DRIVERS 173.14.28 Certified and here NVIDIA DRIVERS 173.14.28 Certified I note that the 173.14.28 driver provides support for the 6150SE.

Any chance you loaded the wrong driver ?

Hmmm, thanks for that.

I looked at the link in a previous message which took me to a Nvidia page where I entered the relevant details and that took me here The supported tab shows the 6150SE.

Possibly even more confused now!

John F.

It looks like there is more than one driver that may function here with your card. You could uninstall one version, and try the other, and then go with the one that works the best.

Yes, that is sensible! I’ll try that although I’m about to sink a pint of home made Herefordshire cider, so I better wait until tomorrow!!

Thanks again for your advice

John F.