Blackbox WM installation issue

hi … sorry couldn’t respond before… but the one click ymp for black box worked and i have scrapped my cording work! :wink:

Thanks alot Malcolm… you have been a great help… closing this thread… :slight_smile:

Whilst I’m aware this is an old thread I just wanted to notice for anyone desiring to execute a custom build of Blackbox WM that this is indeed a toolchain issue related to gcc43. In order to succesfully build blackbox one should apply the patch available here: Bug 217978 – x11-wm/blackbox-0.70.1 fails w/ gcc-4.3.0.
I also faced an issue with Util.hh; sed -i -e “s/XUTIL_H/_X11&/” lib/Util.hh in the bb src dir resolves this though.

Although bb hasn’t been actively developed recently it’s imo still an ideal choice for a minimal enviroment.