Blackbox Window Manager

So I’ve been playing around on SuSE Studio building a small blackbox appliance to play with. It’s a great light weight WM and have also created some additional tools along with patches to get it building on the Open Build Service.

If your looking for something light weight on an older machine without all the bells and whistles then this is a nice alternative and very configurable (albeit via text configs).

In my travels I also cam e a cross this entry in their community forum, so am posting to maybe see if there are any users who may be interesting in helping the main developers;

Lost In The Box - View topic - Developers Needed!

Blackbox needs developers desperately. If you can code anything, from a plugin to an improvement on an old open source build to a completely new build (we wish) than please come in touch with us, either on boxshots/lostinthebox/bb4win or e-mail me at You can help this shell and this community find their rightful place in the Windows 7 era. There is some interest expressed, but we do need more and we need to fight back if we want Blackbox for Windows to stay afloat. Plus, we would welcome ideas in the lostinthebox forums (yes, they are free of spam and open to everyone now) on anything that would help to advertise the shell. Box for Blackbox!

So you can find the packages along with blackbox here;
Index of /repositories/home:/malcolmlewis:/blackbox

Builds are for SLE 11 SP1 and openSUSE 11.4

If I ever lay may hands on a PC old enough, I’ll give this a try !

I note the]Source forge page for the Black Box Window manager

and I’ve read this is the developers page for the Black Box Window manager

I’ll be curious as to how much faster it is than LXDE (I suspect it is much faster/more light weight).

Thanks malcomlewis for your posting and packaging of this.

It runs along quite nicely in a VM, have an old PII 600 with 512MB of ram I’m going to try it out on. I am using lxdm as the login as well. Posted some screen shots in the screen shot subforum :wink: