Blackberry as modem under suse 11.2

Hi all,

I’m quite new to linux and especially to SUSE (I was an Ubuntu user)…

I’ve this problem in trying to let my BB 9000 to act as a bluetooth modem on my Suse Machine.

I’ve been able to pair the PC and the BB and I checked the channel for DUN service via sdptool command…

Then I changed manually the /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm0.conf file but no device is created in /dev/rfcomm0 and moreover I’m not able to set a PPP connection via any application.

Is anyone able to give me an hint on this?



Hi gianlu6969. Welcome to the forums. It’s really hard to read your post due to the massive font size. It doesn’t fit on my screen. Not sure how many replies you’ll get if ppl can’t read it. Do you want to shrink it?

Wow that’s strange… The font is really small on my Browser…

How can I edit the Font Size???


Did a quick edit for you, to the size of your second post