black screen saying there is no disk space

I bought a noteBook with ssd 64gb and 4gb memory with Rwindows 10
I have to keep Rwindows for a while to fulfill the notBook warranty
So I made a 2 gb swap partition, another 9 gb “/” and an 11 gb home
I was able to install OpenSUSE 15.1 with KDE
For testing I restarted about four times and changed some Dolphyn settings … that’s all.
The next day when trying to start OpenSUSE ends in a black screen saying there is no disk space
Nothing else was installed or created
What could be happening?
What can I do?

Is this on btrfs?

I do it with EXT4

Login with ’ 3’ appended to the bootline ( linux, linuxefi ). Then post

df -h /


9 gig is mighty slim for a root these days I have 9.8 used and do not have all that much extra installed.

Agree about the size of root. Depending on what you have been doing, you may be able to get going by logging into root via the command line rather than graphically and then checking /tmp for unnecessary files.

I run many installations on / partitions of 5600MB & 6400MB, several on 7200MG or 8000MB, and few on more. Places to look to free up some space when running on a limited / space installation include /var/cache/zypp/packages/, /var/log/journal/, and .xz files from logrotate and updateTestcase in /var/log/. If using only English, most *-lang packages can be removed and locked out. Another big waste of space for EN-only installations is glibc-locale, which technically shouldn’t be necessary if glibc-locale-base is installed, but takes a lot of effort to remove and keep removed, as a number of important packages mistakenly require it. A really big space waster can be old kernels and initrds in /boot/ if the purge kernel service isn’t working as expected. Something that helps a lot if utilized at installation time is to disable recommends in both YaST software and by having ‘solver.onlyRequires = true’ /etc/zypp/zypp.conf. Switching them on after installation and most software is installed won’t help nearly as much. Disabling recommends naturally does have an obvious downside, but can be the only practical salvation when low freespace on / really gets to be a problem.

Excellent advice, that’s why I remove almost all *-lang packages on occasion and set them to »locked« (zypper) or »taboo« (YaST) right after removal.
Almost everything in /usr/share/doc/packages/ is arguably wasted for those of us who don’t need most documentation, or who look up everything online anyway.
There may be large amounts of unused themes and icon collections under /usr/share/themes/ that may warrant removing.

For a nice visual overview of occupied storage space I recommend giving qdirstat a try.