Black screen, right clicking doesn't work KDE plasma 5

I’m very new to openSUSE, I’m currently using LEAP 42.2 with KDE Plasma 5 desktop.
Yesterday I left my laptop running all night and it got freeze, so I had to manually restart it (by removing the battery).
Upon start, I found that the laptop no longer required password to login, the screen went black, all of my desktop icon and the three-line button at the left-top corner doesn’t show up , right-clicking on the desktop do nothing at all, alt+d ad alt+s also doesn’t work.
I tried to restart multiple times but the problem weren’t solve.
Please help me with that.

NVidia video chip?
If so, try and use the NVidia driver, not Nouveau. That fixed it for my desktop showing the same behavior.


Laptop?? then probably a Optimus hybrid GPU.

Using Bumblebee or Primus???