Hi everyone, I’m newbie on OpenSUSE!

I installed OpenSUSE 13.1 yesterday in dual boot with Win7, it vraient Were the hell I had the worst when I teriné entire installation, I rebooted then in the grub menu choose OpenSUSE and i get a Black screen, then I rebooted I tried all the boards modes that gave nothing, I have a laptop a bit old Acer Travelmate 5335, ps I had the same problem with another linux distribution board I’ve never been able resourare this problem then please I need your help!

Have you tried booting at the grub screen by adding the option nomodeset?

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sorry, this is hard to underdstand.**


This sounds a bit like problems with your graphics card.**


That’s helpful to know.

**You mean you never have been able to resolve this problem, right ? :wink:

Oki I’m sorry guys and admins !! when i stared the installation i booted with nomodeset but after the the installtion i get the same problem !!

so how i can boot with nomodeset after the installation and how i can add the option ? !! please ?

Ahh ok, that’s good info :wink:

When the system first starts to boot, you get to the grub menu, press the esc key and type in the options line at the bottom of the screen (just start typing and it will appear).

Then when you get to the desktop, if you start YaST and look for bootloader in the list, here in the kernel options tab you can add the nomodeset just before showopts probably and don’t forget the spaces.

That should get you going in the first instance, then probably need some more info on your graphics card, but lets get the above done first…

Oki thank’s but which option line ? Nomodeset ?give the full option line sorry i’m newbie lool

You shooed see an entry line just type nomodeset

Note no caps

Note those instructions are for grub 1 if you installed grub2 (the default) then

Press e
find line starting linux
go to the true end of that line. Note it is long and wraps

enter a space then nomodeset

press F10 to continue boot

Also tell use the video chip in that machine. You may need to install a driver and we need to know what chip so to tell the right driver

In fact best to tyell all specs. ie cpu and amount of memory

Thank’s for your help RESOLVED

the nomodeset is not a fix and only works once. The next boot you will have to do it again unless you straighten out your video driver issues.