black screen installation howto/sticky recommendation seems to be candidate for a HowTo or sticky post for handling the nomodeset option.

Yes, please write one.

An admin can’t just move or copy it there?

Not the entire thread, or some post in it. You can start a new thread in The Unreviewed Howto, add extra info if you want.

I’m having a hard time coming up with a subject/title including the keyword nomodeset. As I see it, there are two points related yet distinct to be covered:

1-Why and how to use to use nomodeset (at installation time, or change of gfxchip time) which is commonly needed as a workaround for a black screen and/or lack of keyboard/mouse response

2-Nomodeset, in most casesa of success with #1, is a workaround to be removed after the temporary use that the installer treats as remaining needed on subsequent boots

a-mainly excepting in cases of prior expectation to install proprietary (usually NVidia) video driver subsequently

How about: “Installation problems, graphics woes and nomodeset”

Just a suggestion, which you can use, ignore, modify. Best to have something short and pithy.

I don’t like seeing the word “problems” in subject lines, too noobish to come from technical sages. How about an informal poll:

A: Difficult Graphics Upgrade & Installation Band-aid: nomodeset


B: Troubling Graphics Upgrade & Installation Band-aid: nomodeset


C: Graphics Upgrade & Installation Plagues Band-aid: nomodeset


D: nomodeset: Band-aid for Graphics Upgrade & Installation Obstacles

It’s your choice of title. But I wonder whether “Band-aid” infringes on any trade mark.

How about something stunningly clever and brilliantly original, such as:

How To Deal with Graphic Upgrade and Installation Glitches

… the stunningly clever and brilliantly original part being the “How To”


Seriously, though, FM, you write it and do the best you can. Don’t worry about how it looks to other people, other than to think about making it so a complete noob can follow the directions.

Seasoned veterans will skip over the “noob” parts and still get good advice.

You do that, make it good, and I would vote to make it a Sticky FAQ, especially if you address a few different scenarios.

Go for it.

So if I start one there, and submit. Do I still have only 3 minutes to try to edit if I don’t like the result? Can I come back the next day, or any time, as with a Wiki?

Actually, it is longer than that. AFAIK it is a 10-minute window for editing.

Can I come back the next day, or any time, as with a Wiki?

Nope, but you can change things with additional posts. You could say in your first post to make sure they read the rest of the thread before going ahead with it.

The alternative would perhaps to be to put a generic outline in the post, after creating (or editing) a Wiki page and then make a link in the OP pointing to it.

I am sure a few of us would help you with that. I know that I would.:slight_smile:

First non-private draft:

It seems more appropriate to a wiki page than a sticky or forum howto, subject to group effort, catch as catch can.

Who decides whether and what to put on a SDB: page?

As an openSUSE Member, you do.:wink:

BTW: That is looking really good, Felix, and yes, I think it should be a Wiki page, and yes, I think there should probably be a sticky post with a link to the Wiki page. Create the Wiki page first, then create the post with the link to the page.

To create a Wiki page, simply log into the Wiki using the same credentials as you use on the Forums.

I hope somebody more familiar with Wiki structure jumps in here, but my best suggestion would be for you to now contact Christian Boltz via cboltz (at) for guidance on where and how to start the page. Christian is the openSUSE Heroes Member who is Admin for the Wiki.

Also, keep me informed, through here and also through Fraser_Bell (also at) I will help out a bit. Glad to see you doing this, thank you very much!

I couldn’t agree more. Though this thread already is a very nice reference.

Perhaps we could make this thread as the sticky, with some adjustments, once the Wiki Page is created.

cboltz finally replied and had, among other things, this to say:

Looking at your title

Using nomodeset to Foil Graphic Upgrade & Installation Obstacles

I’d say it isn’t too bad, but I’d still slightly change it. Maybe

Using nomodeset to avoid graphic installation & upgrade obstacles

Reasons for my changes:

  • non-native speakers probably understand “avoid” much better than
  • “installation” always happens before an “upgrade”

Next-last iteration I had prior to current was same as he suggested. I spent a lot of time on and, struggling between avoid and avert, before deciding on foil, because foil generally connotes pre-existing knowledge of need to have some particular thing aside from general frustration not reoccur, which avoid does not. It’s for people who already experienced a problem wanting it to not repeat, rather than nebulous or absent expectation of trouble with a yet to be attempted endeavor.

I reversed graphic and installation purposely, to have OS installation be more easily inferred than original installation of a graphics card - one graphics activity and one installation activity rather than two types of graphics activities.


Using nomodeset to Foil Installation & Graphic Upgrade Obstacles

I didn’t like the long separation between foil and obstacles.

I’m thinking

Using nomodeset to Foil Obstacles to System Installation and to Graphic Upgrading

would be better at making two distinct activities clear, but I don’t like its length.

Maybe better???:

Using nomodeset to Foil Graphic Upgrade or Installation Obstacles

Titles that aren’t too wordy yet say what they need to say are tricky to come up with. :\

Maybe on once a title is selected, but if so, a separate troubleshooting section, or an addition under installation? In the mean time, there’s apparently no way to get into edit mode, getting on with converting from HTML/CSS to a wiki page.

I see Christian sent you some more information on that.

Sorry for being quiet right now, Felix, but I was busy wrapping up the elections.

I am now busy producing at a Nashville Studio, will be tied up with that for about a week or so.

After that, I will get together with you and help out.

I’m stymied choosing a title. My current thought is:

Using nomodeset to Foil Gfxcard Upgrade & Installation Obstacles

I’m still bothered by the length, but maybe length shouldn’t even matter.

Do most people associate gfxcard with video card or graphics card? The title needs to be clear that the reference is to using nomodeset with either of two unrelated processes, 1: switching a video card or adding one to a system currently using motherboard video; or 2: installing an operating system. Graphic is an adjective, but this is about a device (noun) having an action applied to it (upgrading/verb).

I still prefer foil to avoid, but maybe there is a still better word choice. This might not matter so much, because the key “words” for searches are three: 1-nomodeset; 2-installing/installation; 3-video/gfxcard.

And, there’s a choice between or and and to be made. :frowning: