Black Screen installation after Slackware


I am novice in linux and I was testing some distros and first of all I installed ubuntu than I formated and installed opensuse, formated again and installed openSuse one more time…but for my surprise now when I click in the first menu of openSUSE “Installation” than my screen be all black…I can´t understand why I already install openSuse before and I had any problem and now I´m having this problem after slackware if I complete formated my HD!! :open_mouth:

I reset my BIOS but the problem occurs again…

Now I formated all the harddrive and installed Windows Seven it works all fine…

Could you know the reasen this being occur?


What versions?? Were the the same?

Sounds like a possible problem with the video. But then if you used the same disks then maybe the disks have gone bad try running the check media option on the install

Hi Gogal,

I´m using the same DVD version 12.1 (the last…)

I finally be able to install the system…I made radical action on my notebook…I take out the battery, and the CMOS battery and memories also…than put all back.
After all this I used Hiren´s Boot CD with the Fdisk graphical interface and formated the hard drive again and cleared the MBR (all using the Fdisk), next time that a booted with DVD I was able to start the installation normally…

Thanks for the help!