Black screen in vlc

When i try to play some .mp4 files, vlc plays only sound with black screen. I run .mkv but it’s very laggy. I have installed vlc-codecs and the other 1-click media stuff and all from Packman repo, no vlc repo. I’ve tried to remove tick from Accelerated video output and also tried different outputs from video settings but its still the same. Please help me. Videos run on Kaffeine but i like vlc more. I run 13.2 KDE and i’m with Intel HD Graphics 3000

Verify that you don’t have vdpau-video installed.

If not, try to uninstall libvdpau_va_gl1, apparently that can cause problems with vlc on some (intel) systems.
And it is not necessary anyway, as VLC supports VA-API too.

Problem solved after uninstall libvdpau_va_gl1. Thank you very much wolfi323

Thanks @wolfi323 that solved my problem!