Black screen first boot after install

Just installed LEAP 42.1. Chose KDE.

Graphics: Gigabyte Radeon HD7950
CPU: Intel i5 3570k

I get past GRUB just fine, but then my screen goes black. I’ve tried booting with “nomodeset” and “radeon.modeset=0” but they both give me:

[drm:radeon_init] *ERROR* No UMS support in radeon module!

My computer is only connected via WiFi which isn’t setup correctly.

Could anyone please give me a hand?

I’ve tried adding “3” to my boot parameters in GRUB (on the linuxefi line after pressing e in GRUB) but that gives me a black screen as well. Not really sure what to do here…

No intel GPU present?

Edit the efi grub line and remove the word quiet and see what appears on the screen…

Once it boots, you can get to a console/tty? Press ctrl+alt+F1, if so, login as your root user and look at;

journalctl -b
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less
lspci -nnk | grep -A3 VGA