Black screen during install

I’m trying to install OpenSuse 11.1 on the Acer TravelMate 5520 with ATI Radeon x1200. Laptop has 1 partition with Win XP and unpartitioned space for Linux installation. when I’m trying to install OpenSuSe from DVD, I get the black screen straight after I click on Installation. And it looks like nothing is happening at all, Laptop is just is standing idle, even the dvd isn’t spinning. The DVD isn’t faulty, I’ve installed the OpenSuSe on my stationary computer without problem.
Any suggestions what can i do to overcome this problem?
Thanks in advance.

First before you go out and get a piece of equipment like(Desktop or laptop computers) make sure that OS will recognize your Hardware.
Find out about your graphic card first.
Good luck


There’s been a lot of similar threads, the same answer apply; try altering the screen resolution pre-boot, the text mode. Try changing kernel options, to boot in safemode etc.


I’ll try to answer in a nice way :slight_smile: You know this laptop is a gift, so I’m afraid I didn’t have a choice, so your suggestion on choosing the hardware doesn’t apply. If i would have been buying the laptop, I would have chosen something else. But I still need to sort out the problems and the comments like yours don’t really help.

Robopensuse, thanks for your answer, I’ll try to do as you suggest.

Well thank you your so kind but you should tell us about your laptop that you got as a gift so we will understand that situation.:cry: I try to help you

The other problem suse-pro is that you can buy you equipment carefully, but the kernel moves on.

Then you find your recommended hardware, has issues and needs work rounds, due to driver bugs introduced into new kernels.

It has been VERY, VERY difficult to get patches developed to fix problems, and the distro ships the release with drivers enabled by default that won’t boot on a device, despite there being a correctly functioning non-experimental (non-broken) alternative.

Furthermore the Live CD install, is not flexible enough to enable work rounds via brokenmodules= and if there’s a better alternative, a whole slew of SuSE/Novell employees haven’t been able to suggest it.