Black screen and symbol _ (net 64-bit iso, 20171031)

Hello. I try to boot this iso with menu item for installation: opensuse, tumbleweed, network install, 64 bit, 20171031.
I do this on computer with BIOS, not UEFI.
I get black screen with grey symbol “_” at top-left corner of screen.
Tried to switch to different consoles - no change.
Additional details:
graphics card - nvidia 9500 GT.

Have you configured an intial network configuration in the kernel command line so that the machine can reach the installation sources?

Be sure the checksum of the iso is correct. Instructions on the download page

Did you by any chance just copy the iso to the USB device? If so, that will never work.

This problem with the nouveau driver has been a plague of Tumbleweed for a LOOOONG time.
This plague has constantly causing the trouble that you described: “_” on the top-left of the screen.

Since your hard disk or SSD is configured with MBR, on the first page of installation (or on the grub page),
type F5 (or F4, I can’t remember) to get into kernel parameter modification.
Append " nomodeset" on the list of existing kernel parameters.

If your hard disk or SSD was configured with UEFI, type `e’ on the first page of installation (or on the grub page).
Append “nomodeset” on the kernel-parameter line of an about 7-line long file that contains the kernel parameter line.

When a new kernel without the bug arrives, you can check whether the new kernel is bug-free
after deleting “nomodeset” in kernel parameter setting under the yast “boot-loader”.
If a new kernel still has the bug, then raise your voice to the kernel-developers and nouveau developer.

Good luck.