black screen after startup

I have just insalled opensuse 11.2 with KDE and it started first time. But second time there is a black screen in the moment of loggin in. After pressing shutdown key screen goes pink-violet with strange resolution and system is shutting down.
There is a photo of startup where I have spotted errors:
Imageshack - menulstiz0.jpg
I have GeForce 7600 graphic card.
I am beginner user of opensuse.

One thing I can tell: there’s trouble mounting one of your partitions, /dev/sda7 . Might be a disk error.

Boot from the install media and run the repair function.

Coyote89 wrote:
> I have just insalled opensuse 11.2

11.2 is pre-release software…did you intend to install something not
yet released for wide, public usage?

if so, you need to post your problems and get your solutions in the
correct forum:

if installing 11.2 was an accident i suggest you start over, at and then

on the other hand, if you mistyped and intended to ask for help with
openSUSE 11.1, then using the forums search engine
<> just enter
black screen after install
specify to “Search titles only” and hit enter

or, i’ll help you, go here:


/dev/sda7 is ext4 partition
I have checked all partions using fsck tool and they are clear.
I mounted /dev/sda7 in Ubuntu Live CD and it worked OK.

I don’t know if it is important but I have RAID option in BIOS for the hard disk and it is set to RAID-0.

You were right, I didn’t want to start with pre-release.
Thanks for introduction and download link I will try with 11.1.