Black Screen after loading Kernal

Hiya, I have been trying to install OpenSUSE 11.1 and everytime I choose an option on the welcome menu, the screen goes black and stays that way.
I have tried using ACPI off and experimented with other options but no matter what I do it just says Loading Kernel and once it hits 100% the screen goes black.
I have md5 checked the ISO image and also used bit torrent to hash check it.
The ISO is fully in tact.

I have a 10.3 disc which does not have the same problem so it cant be my PC that is at fault right??

Please advise how to fix this.


I have had start up problems with both 11 and 11.1 “green screen of death” but 10.3 still works fine. It’s a bit slower and clunkier but I’m sticking with that for now. I prefer to run kde3.5 so 10.3 does all I really need. Perhaps that an option for you? Otherwise you could maybe try … another distribution.