Black Screen after installing NVIDIA Drivers

Many NVIDIA cards have more the then one places to plug a monitor into. (that is there if you want to have two monitors) What queequeg is saying is that when you get the black screen try plugging your one monitor into the OTHER jack on the card.(if there is one)

Thank you gogalthorp, my mistake for not reading more carefully (and probably all the Theraflu I had taken). I looked and I do have another jack. I am going to pull everything out and give that a shot, it looks like it takes a different plug, but I will know more once I get back there. I know better than to rush through reading these posts, the devil is in the details.

I have 2 DVI ports on my nVidia G92 GeForce 9800 GTX card, I started by switching and reinstalling through the one click after removing the previously installed driver. Same thing occurred, black screen. To be on the safe side I did a clean install, did the one click update using the other port, when the black screen occurred again I switched to the other port that I had first started with. The only difference I noticed was the screen was not just black, it was like the monitor was dead and it indicated no signal. I had some incorrectly identified icons in the panel so since it is a quick thing to do I did a clean install and am now deciding between waiting for the next driver version or doing the install the hard way as per oldcpu’s instructions.Thanks for your help.

When the monitor goes dead (and indicates there is no signal) that’s how you know you’re on the “wrong” video port.

You should definitely listen to everything oldcpu says. Sorry if I got you off-track.

There is no xorg.conf, there is a xorg.conf.install, should I move that instead or leave it? Everything else is ready to give it a whirl I believe.

Thanks for your help, everything appeared to install properly, when I put in nvidia-xconfig it said it wrote it to a new file, then when I put in sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia I got the same thing as before, just a black screen. This time though I was able to go to RL 3 and get back to the 0=nv and am no worse off. It is just not in the cards for me to get this driver to work I guess.