Black Screen after Installation of 11.1


I’ve installed Opensuse 11.1 two times now but I always get the same problem. When the installation finishes the screen stays black forever. I can shutdown the computer with ctrl+alt+del. Maybe it graphics card problem.
I have an Geforce 8800 GTS.

I’m typing this from my Laptop on wich 11.1 works very well.


In 11.1, one must press <CTR><ALT><DEL> twice, fairly close together, for it to function. A deliberate new feature (to avoid accidental restart).

Boot your desktop, and when the grub menu shows up, type “3” (no quotes) and it will appear in the options line.

Log in as a regular user.

Then type “su” (no quotes) to get root permissions (enter root password). Then type:
cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/
to backup your xorg.conf file.

Then type “sax2 -p” no quotes to confirm chip 0.

If confirmed, then type:
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
to load the vesa driver.

Then type “exit”, to get rid of root permissions. This is important. Type “whoami” to confirm not root, and type “exit” again if necessary.

Type “startx” (no quotes) to test X window. If X window comes up, immediately open a konsole or gnome-terminal, and type:
**su -c ‘shutdown -r now’ **
(enter root password when prompted) to restart your PC, and test the video setting “holds”. This time do NOT type “3” in the grub menu.

Once your gui is running, you can look into getting and installing a proprietary nvidia graphic driver.

WOW, this was propably th fastest response I got on any board I use :). It worked very well!

Thanks again.

Fabulous! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your results for the Geforce 8800 GTS under openSUSE-11.1.