Black Screen after first reboot

Im using Acer 4736 and recently installed 12.3 with windows 7

First i was able to boot normally but on second boot screen turns totally black after grub.

I can hear audio but screen is totally black.

Is there a fix?


There may be a fix.

Often this is a problem with a graphic driver.

Can you please advise us what graphics are in your Acer 4736 (I would surf on this now to try find out but my wife is calling/demanding my attention now and I don’t have the time - sorry) ??

As an interim try entering the boot code ‘nomodeset’ (or when installing select under ‘video’ the ‘nokms’ option). <- that is an interim approach and hopefully not a final solution.

Good luck.

See what is happening behind the blank screen by clicking the ESC key.

As oldcpu suggests, if you are hung on “transfer to graphic mode” there are other threads already running about this problem (search and maybe join those threads).


The videocard? Normally I’d perform a search, but I know Acer uses the same model no with different configurations in various countries/regions

Acer 4736 ? I note under the joint 5738 and 4736 page on linlap: Acer Aspire 5738, 4736 [Linux Laptop Wiki] : Graphics Intel GMA 4500MHD . Can you confirm that ?

Have you tried the ‘nokms’ option yet ?

Try instead of nomodeset in boot parameters