black screen after ati update

i use a studio 15 from dell. recently i updated the driver for suse 11.1 from the site using the easy click to install method. after the installation the screen went blank and black. now after restarting there is new option in the grub loading screen called suse debug.

after the updation, i cant see or do anything. they show all the loading process as complete, but then just a black screen appears. even after pressing ctrl alt backspace twice no response. is there anyway to roll back the system to before the updation.

Same happened to me!!!
Last week that happened (I had not linked to the update) and the only way around it I coud find was reinstaling the hole system.
Now (after the update) same thing again!
is there a way to solve it, without starting over again!
I’ve tryed to fix it with the recovery option fron the DVD and didn’t change anything!
any ideas???:idea:
help please???!!!:’(
Thank you:shake:

You both received a kernel update and need to reinstall the driver.

there are LOTS of previous threads here with the terms “ATI” and
“black” in the subject line…you can probably look through list and
pick out the several that most likely apply to you (i see in titles
other words like: Crossfire, Radeon, 9200, XEN, Dual head, X600, etc
etc etc etc)

or, you can use a search string more specific than the simple one i
used (ati black) to get this:

have a look…

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