Black panes on System Settings after waking up from sleep.

I am trying to migrate to Tumbleweed from *buntu based distros. I have setup Tumbleweed to almost what I want except it unstable.

My hardware: Lenovo, Legion 5 (R7 4800H) with GTX1650 nvidia graphics. This laptop has hybrid gpu as well as descreet (nvidia only) mode. I have switched to discreet mode for this setup.

When ever I put the laptop to sleep mode and then wake it up again, the System Settings window’s left panel becomes black. I don’t know how to attach the image here but I hope this explanation is good enough.

It remains like that until I log out and log back in. Also if I don’t log out and put the system to sleep many times eventually the whole screen become unreponsive. But I can switch to a TTY and kill all the processes and then restart SDDM.

Not sure if it is only for my laptop or others have the same issue.

I just got the same problem in a Ubuntu based distro when I upgraded nvidia driver from 440 to 450. So looks like the latest nvidia driver has this problem.

Anyone can guide me on how to put back driver version 440 back on Tumbleweed? I looked at Yast-software it only has two options with the nvidia repo enabled one is 450 the other is 390.