Bitwarden the AppImage application and the RPM are still broken with a blank screen under Tumbleweed

I would like to come back to the task with Bitwarden but there seems to be a problem with Tumbleweed since neither the application rpm bitwarden-2023.9.2-1.1.x86_64, nor the AppImage which was updated yesterday and which should be independent, does not work.
AppImage Bitwarden Version 2023.10.0
Shell 25.9.1
Renderer 114.0.5735.289
Node 18.15.0
x64 architecture

There is a serious problem since all my other AppImages work.
At the same time, I opened a thread on the Bitwarden forum since it’s strange that the rpm package bitwarden-2023.9.2-1.1.x86_64.rpm and the AppImage don’t work at the same time.

Do you have any solutions to help me

@straight_ahead Perhaps the nodejs version…? Tumbleweed default is nodejs20, I see another release is about to drop as well… 2023.10.0.

Nothing in the zypper dup of this moment.

@straight_ahead Not yet it’s building in the development repo…I suspect a few snapshots away…

Not much help for you but I have no issues with the APPImage version in TW.

Version 2023.10.0
Shell 25.9.1
Renderer 114.0.5735.289
Node 18.15.0
Architecture x64

I suspected there was something like that. Why this malfunction on my distribution?

Why do I have problems especially with this AppImage and especially with an RPM version (managed by official repositories) which does not work?

I’m not a tinkerer, I don’t modify my system. I seriously apply all the updates recommended by zypper dup.

So I’m asking for help with my rpm package bitwarden-2023.9.2-1.1.x86_64, a bit old compared to the official version, which should work on a modern distribution such as Tumbleweed at the forefront of the kernel with its 6.5. 9-1.
Linus Torvald had better watch out for his fresh version of kernel 6.6!

@straight_ahead I would suggest a bug report

I don’t know if the Appimage and the rpm share the same config directory, but if they do this could be an issue.
Here is what I would do (I only use the appimage):
First check the log files in /home/xxx/.config/Bitwarden, maybe something can be seen there, if not:
Save the entire Bitwarden directory from /home/xxx/.config/Bitwarden/ to a save place. Then delete that entire directory and try to start the program.

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Bingo. Your trick works!

I even have both applications working.
I had a very big zypper dup update lasting 243 minutes but the 2 applications still did not work.

This is deleting the folder
who provided the solution.

What a relief.
Thank you for your help.

Nice. Still you should be careful with using two different versions.
If you check the app log you can notice the following line:

[2023-11-03 16:33:22.062] [info] Update for version 2023.10.0 is not available (latest version: 2023.10.0, downgrade is disallowed).

I’m not sure, but I suspect this could be related to my issue with the Joplin AppImage. After an upgrade a month or two ago everything below the menu bar was invisible in the Joplin window. I did the same, deleting the .config Joplin directory, however the issue came back a couple of days ago.
The workaround I’ve settled on is just deleting all the files in the GPUCache sub-directory instead of the deleting the whole Joplin directory.

Thanks, that’s good to know.

For me, it’s stable since I deleted the concerned .config folder.
I only use the AppImage so as not to corrupt the files with the instabilities of the .rpm and its dependencies.