Bittorrent gui?

Hello,I was wondering is there a bittorrent/utorrent gui like the one for windows? I’ve used ktorrent and it’s not near as lean and fast as bittorrent/utorrent (in my experience I could be wrong,but I use ipblock and ktorrent and my downloads don’t go near as fast as utorrent with peerguardian2 on my windows partition, avg 500kb/s on windows par.) and was wondering if there is a gui that is similar/the same as bittorrent/utorrent? (sorry I just came from windows about 6 months ago and still prefer a gui for certain things) and I’ve tried bittorrent under wine but it’s a pain in the ass…I have to save the torrent file then open bittorrent and open the torrent with bittorrent and have to go through hell trying to save it in the spot I want to…I cant just “open with” k/u/bittorrent like the default in linux/windows. any solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
P.S also I think the bittorrent/utorrent gui is set up MUCH better than ktorrents and that is one (but not the main) reason I’m asking.

have you tried deluge ? Info it is available from packman repo.I don’t use it but my son ( who lives with his mother, Don’t ask!!! ) does & gets very good speeds


Also vuze, that’s also cross-platform. But i have to point that ktorrent works really fine for me. So i suspect that you could have some network related problem. Maybe bad firewall settings?

I know folks either love or hate Azureus (Vuze) I max out on my 8MB adsl max, near constant full speed. I live right next to my exchange;)

Ktorrent equally fast, but it hogs the bandwidth from browsers more than Vuze.

This might be useful
A Quick Bittorrent Guide (with screenshots) - openSUSE Forums

> you could have some network related problem. Maybe bad firewall settings?

or, have not turned off IPv6


WOW what a response!! but I think I’m going to have to go with deltaflyer44 and say deluge is my choice it’s fast as hell and an awesome gui and as for your son I dont even have to ask, women are crazy and no matter what always get what they want …but as for my firewall, I haven’t configured on suse, when I try the app armor it states that I already have a firewall running…which I assume is my avg for windows so I haven’t even messed with it. but thanks for all your speedy responses.
P.S…deltaflyer44…is force Re-check the same as force start on utorrent/bittorrent? haven’t the option to test it out yet.

you need to open holes in your FW for torrent traffic, usually TCP port 6881. Also ktorrent has the same torrent protocol as uTorrent so I’m more inclined in thinking that you did something wrong on the configuration side than to blame ktorrent for speed issues, which here is very fast for me and equals the Vuze speed without the bloat