Bit of a rant...

Just want to get some stuff off my chest…

knetworkmanager (KDE3) starts far too slowly, between 20-30 seconds after the KDE4 desktop becomes useable. If I have saved the session, and I have say kontact and firefox windows started I get a popup from kontact for every account I have (thats 5 imap ones: 5 popups) that it can’t connect to the internet. It’s annoying. Firefox then goes into offline mode, making me go and refresh every tab once the 'net is up. grrr.

fglrx (I have an xpress 200M in my lappy). Probably nothing to do with openSuse, but its really slow, even with effects turned off, and its not slow even with vista! I hear conflicting reports that the open source ati (“radeon” or “ati”?) driver supports this card with 3d but if it does, the one suse supplies doesn’t. Does it? Doesn’t it? who knows…

QT & GTK, (especially firefox) I won’t even start on how annoying this is if you have a dark QT theme. Tried saying that GTK doesn’t use the QT theme, but firefox still has dark text on a dark background for input boxes.

suspend/resume. It works! (Dell inspiron 1501). But why does the screen flicker doing an impression of a Commodore 64 loading a tape when it comes back to life? Nice work on getting it to work though, whoever did it.

akonadi, I now have two address books in kontact - default address book & akonadi address book. Which one do I use? Which one has all my contacts in? I thought it was supposed to migrate over to akonadi? How do I tell it to not use its built in address book and move the lot over to the akonadi one? is it all in sqlite or still in vcard format, and if it is in vcard whats the point of pointing akonadi at it and then kontact at akonadi?

Thats it for now. I’m not expecting answers to these questions I just wanted to tell someone about them :frowning:
Oh, I use KDE4 OpenSuse 11.0 with the KDE4 factory repos

Knetworkmanager (KDE3 variant) is nothing short of a disaster on Opensuse 11.0 KDE4 systems. There is a decently working KDE4 applet, which cannot be backported to 11.0 due to severe incompatibilities in the underlying networkmanager code. I’ve tried to create it using the OBS several times…but was always unsuccessful.

When asked about the entire knetworkmanager thing, the devs told me that its too old to maintain and it isn’t worth the effort to make it work on 11.0. Its the knetworkmanager which has made me go back to Mandriva 2009.0 or even consider (gasp!) GNOME…its that horrible. It indeed sucks…


Are you saying that the KDE4 networkmanager isn’t going to be available on 11.0 and I’ll need to go to 11.1 or .2 to get it?

That indeed sucks >:( And I don’t understand why the underlying “inconsistent” bit can’t be put into 11.0 thus making the whole thing work.

Looks like I’ll be moving to 11.1 then. Wish this sort of thing was made a bit clearer - some sort of list of reasons to move to 11.1/.2 (what new features and stuff), things that you won’t be able to use if you don’t, and instructions on the best/alternative ways of doing so would be really helpful.

I believe the only way around the connection errors is to stop using a connection manager and use the old “ifup” method instead.

You can do that through the Yast2 control panel thing, you set your connections up in there and they can then start on boot.

Not much use if you are constantly changing networks, but if you always use the same network, then it might be an option.

I have the same problems with things like ntp and weather appletts, you have to connect first before they update.

It’s a bit of a throwback unfortunately, and I think most developers have other more important “bugs” to work on, ie it “works”, so we’ll just ignore it until we have more time.

But I will say, it is still faster than Windows in that respect, Vista on my system seems to boot to the desktop quite fast, but then I have to wait another 2 minutes for the networking to sort itself out!

If you’re not already doing so, firefox does offer the option ‘refresh all tabs’ when right clicking one.