Biostar A680I-350 Deluxe openSUSE12.3 installfail formatting device mapper volume error code -3030

This is my first time installing Linux. I bought a Biostar A680I-350 Deluxe motherboard (with AMD E-350 APU) and RAM, and installed it in a case I had with the only SATA hard disk I have. Until now, I have only used that SATA hard disk, 500 GB, as a second disk (non-bootable, no operating system) in my Windows XP system to back up files. I had partitioned it, I believe into two approximately equal partitions, and formatted and used one of those partitions (which I backed up before this openSUSE installation).

I got and wrote the openSUSE 12.3 installation DVD ISO onto an 8 GB USB memory stick (I have no optical drive which will work with this motherboard (I don’t have a SATA CD or DVD drive)) and successfully started the installation process. After looking at Edit Partition Setup (and not knowing what to do nor figuring out what to do from what I read online), I accepted the Suggested Partitioning, as well as the Proposal settings (Propose Separate Home Partition).

The installation process proceeded to

Preparing disks…

Then a box popped up

X Failure occurred during the following action:
Formatting device mapper volume /dev/mapper/pdc_cdbiacdii_part1 (164.73 MB) with vfat

System error code was: -3030

Continue despite the error?

                                     Continue    Abort

I aborted.

What would be good next step(s) for me to install openSUSE 12.3?

I’m assuming this board has UEFI (bios) and maybe the drive is formatted as MBR. You may be able to use it as such if you set EFI to boot to legacy (MBR) mode, or you may need to reformat the disk as GPT. But this is guess work so you need to confirm that my guess is right.

Thank you. I just looked at the beginning of the motherboard’s UEFI BIOS manual. Most likely, I’ll work well on this on Tuesday (June 18) and probably get a little help locally then too. In the meantime, I’ll try to do some good reading about disks for openSUSE and about my motherboard (and now know to learn about MBR, EFI -legacy, GPT, and about how to format disks outside of the Microsoft way I used in the past).

Yep it is a brave new world :slight_smile: