Bios over ridden by Grub

Hi All,

I have two hard drives in my computer. The second hard drive is where my OpenSUSE 13.1 resides. I installed it with my first hard drive disconnected because I wanted the Grub to not override my OS on the first hard drive.

I now want to install an Ubuntu in the extra space next to OpenSUSE on the second hard drive.

The BIOS is set so that the CDROM is first in the boot order.

However when I boot my computer with the Ubuntu disc in the CDROM drive OpenSUSE ignores the BIOS boot order and wants to boot up OpenSUSE 13.1.

I cannot boot into the Ubuntu disc to install same.

In YAST > Systen> Boot Loader I see that the boot loader location is the root partition, not the MBR. Is this what is taking boot priority from the BIOS so that the BIOS boot order is ignored?


But, maybe your CDROM isn’t reading correctly, or maybe your Ubuntu install disk is faulty. Check those first.

The part that I have quoted looks fine. But there is something wrong with what you are telling us.

Opensuse cannot override the BIOS. That’s because the BIOS does its job before opensuse gets to do anything.

Maybe, recheck how you created the Ubuntu disk you are using. If, by some chance, it is not actually bootable, then the BIOS would try the next in its boot order. As a cross-check, see if you can boot that Ubuntu CD (or DVD) on a different computer.

Found it was the CDROM drive itself. The Ubuntu install disc set up for install on another computer just as it should. That drive was reading the disc properly. I even tried it after reconnecting my first hard drive and found there the same problem.

Definitely the CDROM drive.

Thanks to all!

My bad. Got a new CDROM, installed same, and experienced the same problem - could not boot into the CDROM.

Finally discovered that my Asus Crosshair IV motherboard SATA uses the 6th position of SATA connectors for the CDROM. Connected THAT Sata cable and - bingo- the CDROM booted up perfectly.

My error was that for some reason when I pulled out a malfunctioning hard drive I used the SATA cable from that drive to reconnect to my CDROM. I had pulled the SATA (SATA #6) cable and the power cable from my CDROM in order to remove the defunct hard drive and then I used the hard drive SATA (SATA #3) cable to reconnect to my CDROM.

Sometimes a simple error like that can throw you.

never heard of MB SATA port preference by device.