Bios not working properly

Hi there
I think bios isn’t running the display properly. How can i fix this?
details of how i came to that conclusion below…

Working with a newly passed on Fujitsu Siemens Amilom3438g so don’t know its history. It has XP on it but i can’t get that far.
When I turn it on BIOS doesn’t fully display the screen (ie only the top half on the logo shows and i can’t read anything else) then it starts to load xp but the screen freezes and slowly starts to bleed light from the edges until the whole thing goes crazy.
I tried a opensuse livecd and basically same happened, loaded a bit then froze.
I tried a GParted live cd and that did a little better, though the screen didn’t display properly either.
I think that when the screen freezes the computer still works away underneath, its just you have no idea what to do. For example I press F2 on startup and get into bios but screen goes blank. Then i press ESC then ENTER to exit without saving (i only know this from memory) and the computer starts to load xp.

Then i tried a xp disc and it ran ok but still froze and started to bleed during setup. I guessed it was at the menu stage so i pressed R to recover. when I get into anything DOS looking (black and white text only) it will hold the screen indefinitely.

So i guess bios has problems with displaying anything other than text. Does this sound reasonable? What can I do?
Thanks in advance.

Ok, for sure XP loads up underneath the crazy screen, just can’t do anything with it.
Can’t install openSUSE cos can’t see the gui or even the menu screen from the liveCD. And i guess there’s no point until i fix the prob cos you wouldn’t be able to use it anything.
So it’s definately bios right?

OK, so i reset BIOS, it then came up asking me about date and time when i turned it on. Now i can’t set the date or the time cos i can’t see the screen!

Maybe your BIOS backup battery is nearly dead?

thanks for the tip, i shall try buying a new battery

For anyone who happens to read this thread, a dead CMOS battery can really make the motherboard look broken. When the battery is dead, the real-time-clock chip doesn’t run and this can prevent the motherboard from booting. So check that button cell with a voltmeter, or try putting in a good button cell. You may find that motherboard you was going to throw out is really perfectly ok.