BIOS not loading after installing opensuse 12.3 KDE

I purchased a new fujitsu lifebook lh532 which has no os. so i installed 64bit opensuse by changing boot order, boot from usb.
Now i am trying to press f2, it says please wait and grub loader starts. f12 boot menu is working and 1st option is opensuse.
After loading os, f2 button works fine. while i press f2 during boot, i get beep sound also. but bios is not opening.
Please help me.

That seems to be an issue of the hardware not an OS issue. Maybe you can find a forum for that machine. Unless someone here happens to have the same machine I doubt any can help.

openSUSE doesn’t do anything to the BIOS. You may have to be faster to get into the BIOS.

But, IMHO that’s not the issue. I suspect the bootloader to be installed on the USBdevice. Mind, you have to change the boot order in the BIOS back to previous state, or tell the installer to install the bootloader on the internal dsk.

Most laptops these days have Esc or F8 (depending on the BIOS) to present you with a bootmenu, where you can pick the device to boot from. With a default BIOS setting, that would have resulted in the install of the bootloader on the internal disk.