bios boot

Yesterday I pooched my main workhorse (Debian) trying to install Suse. Its the old problem of grub “seeing” the other OS but not booting to it from Grub. I have two internal hard drives, Sda (debian) and Sdb (empty). How do I install Suse to sdb without wiping out Debian. I have tried using both Recover and reinstall options on the Suse DVD to no avail. I would much prefer to install suse on sdb and use the bios to boot it. This works in Fedora. Will it work for Suse?
Thanks for any help.

If currently you have a bootloader for debian on sda - set sdb as 1st boot device - install suse on sdb and suse grub to MBR of sdb.

Suse should pick up debian - but if not we can sort that later and in the mean time you can always switch boot order in bios to get to debian.

Suse should create a boot option in the menu pointing back to debian grub. So when you select debian from the suse menu, the next screen should be your debian menu. This method is preferable as it maintains functionallity between kernel updates.

*You have to really make sure where grub goes during install.
This may help:
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