"Bing It!"

It’s no fun ragging on Microsoft since they started doing pathetic better than evil: Bing It.

Yeah, shameless plug but I thought it was clever and better than a commercial.

In mid 2009 “The Philanthropist” NBC-TV seemed totally funded by Bing. The 2-tier characters proceeded the show with questions answered by Bing.
Two of the best things about “The Philanthropist” was that it was filmed on locations, almost every episode was a different country and the philanthropy efforts in those countries were based on actual needs or causes. I didn’t like that 2-tier characters (Neve Campbell, Jesse L. Martin, Michael K. Williams, Lindy Booth) weren’t featured more prominently in the story lines although they did an episode in France that did.

“The Philanthropist” was a 1 season summer replacement but I think you can still watch full episodes at NBC http://www.nbc.com/the-philanthropist/
Pretty sure they used one or two Bing product placements in a few episodes.