Bind + ldap issue

I have a problem using the default dns+ldap setup.
I can add records to the zones but they disappear after completing the setup via Yast - DNS.
The problem is in the /usr/share/bind/ldapdump that script needs to be hand configured to get this to work. It was a problem in OpenSuse 11.x

After some digging the problem seems to come from the /etc/initd/named script. More precise “function initializeNamed” that function just runs the script as is without any parameters and thinks it is a success even though that the ldapdump script does not get in connected with ldap.

Is there a better version that is a little more dynamic or it this just the way?

Env: OpenSuse 11.3 - xen.

More information regarding this problem. Looks like a second issue is hidden inside the Yast2 dns module.

I see the following logs
2010-09-02 20:05:32 <3> mail(15541) [agent-ldap] ldap error while modifying zoneName=x,ou=DNS,dc=x,dc=x (50): Insufficient access
2010-09-02 20:05:32 <3> mail(15541) [agent-ldap] ldap error while adding relativeDomainName=mail,zoneName=x,ou=DNS,dc=x,dc=x (50): Insufficient access
2010-09-02 20:05:32 <3> mail(15541) [agent-ldap] additional info: no write access to parent

Can somebody please give me hint to fix it?

Have the same problem. Temporary solution is not to press ok after finishing the configuration. You’ve got to go to the StartUp section and then select save and restart option and only then go the usual way. Works for me.

If you talk about the DNS + LDAP administration I open this bug