Bind /Dns not showing up in Yast2

11.3 ; looking to play with DNS; nothing of the kind is showing in Yast networking menus. Checked, and BIND shows as installed.
Also, while I’m crying for help: cant see the windows box next to me; can ping it, and could browse to it with File Manager yesterday, but not working today !
Also; I tried KDE desktop (like new things) but it’s driving me nuts (menus too small, I lose the choices as I move through submenus) and I’d like to go to Gnome ; how to ?

You may be a bit frustrated by having more then one problem, but please try to understand how forums function. People look at the titles and then open a thread when they think they can help. Thus Bind/DNS people might look at this thread, but for the other problems, you entered them for nothing good.

Thus one problem per thread and please in the correct (sub)forum. All in your own interest.

did you figure out how to view DNS server in yast?

did you install yast2-dns-server package from software management ?